Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the biggest provider of Athlete Analytical data in Europe.


Our Mission:

To fulfil it’s vision, Athlytics is setting up an analytical data warehouse for athletes and on behalf of trainers/clubs.

Athlytics accomplish this providing athlete wearable monitoring devices, in-stadium wireless data collectors and managing all the necessary equipment and systems to capture athlete movement and performance related data during training and competition. All athlete data is stored in a data warehouse and used to produce Athlete Performance Analytics with data visualization, enabling insight into athlete risk, readiness and return to play.


The solution:

The system uses Biomechanics, which studies the fine details of movement technique of, mainly, performers in individual sports. Biomechanics focuses on the physiology of the athlete and not on the strategy and tactics of a match.

Biomechanics has a crucial role in combination with physiology to ensure that athletes reach their peak at the right time and ensures that programs are designed to enable coaches to extract the best of their athletes.

       The wearable devices for athletes comes in 2 options: GPS system and TPS system.

o   GPS system is an outdoor system, making use of GPS & GNSS technology, resulting in twice the satellite constellations and twice the on-board data processing means less drop out and greater accuracy.

o   TPS system is an indoor system making use of small portable indoor satellites, or nodes, strategically placed around the perimeter of a playing area, allowing tracking to within 15cm. It has pinpoint accuracy, high update rates, portability, quick setup, no cabling required, and operates in the most severe and dense multipath radio environments.

       The software is a full athlete analytics platform. Data is captured, stored and analyzed in real-time, giving users levels of data customization and interaction they need in real-time. The  platform facilitates and the potential integration of big data principles and practices, is really exciting and a first for the athlete tracking realm.


If interested, please contact us:

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